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Pop and SMTP settings

Hello, I have been using outlook 2003 to view my webmail for seven years. I recently got a new computer without access to outlook and have installed thunderbird. I am having desperate trouble getting it to accept the recommended server settings. Pop3 will not accept or and gets very antsy when I use informing me that this server has little to no security. When I try to send mail using for the SMTP I am informed that the authenticity certificates are out of date and are for a completely different company. Could someone please tell me what the correct servers,port numbers and security level settings are please.

As I now have to use eircoms online mail reader I also realise that they upgraded their mail system some two years ago and I am still on the old basic webmail,is this causing the problems.As I cant find anywhere on the website to request an upgrade I seem to have no way of ruling that out.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pop and SMTP settings

Hi deskon,

Can you private message me with your eircom telephone number or account number and the e-mail address and I can send off a request to migrate it to the new webmail service.

I will also get back to you regarding a interim solution for the set up.

Thanks, Mark 


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