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Eircom pop3 server

I have an eircom email address ( but my ISP is Skytel Wexford. I have not been able to receive emails since Tuesday last though I can send email. Outlook cannot login to the pop3 server.  I noticed though that I still get emails on my mobile phone. I was suspicious that Eircom was discriminating against me because I am not a client of theirs so I disconnected my computer from the skytel wireless router and connected it through my mobile phone using the latter as a hotspot. Lo and behold, I received all the missing emails. It appears that Eircom are denying me an email service. It happened before soon after I left them to join Skytel. In this case I requested Skytel to change my IP address and this allowed me to receive emails. What can I do? Brian

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Re: Eircom pop3 server

Hi Brian,


Thank you for your post.


The way your eircom email works is that mail will be downloaded on the first device first and you may not be able to retrieve this on a second computer device.  This is why it is called pop mail. That is, email is popped from the server. Once it is downloaded from the incoming mail server it is no longer available.  This is why your email is on your mobile phone device and no longer available to download on your computer device. For example, if your mobile phone (computer device) is constantly connected to the Internet, it will regularly try to retrieve your email from the eircom mailserver.  When you try to retrieve your email using your standard computer (device), using an email client, your email has already been downloaded by your mobile phone (email client). 


eircom doesn't discriminate between different email clients or computer devices.  In fact it shouldn't matter what email client or third party email software you use.


To test this, switch off your mobile phone completely and send a test message using your standard computer and email client (MS Outlook).  If you are able to receive email on your standard computer and email client, then this will confirm that your email is being downloaded first by your mobile phone (device) first.


I have requested your eircom email account is upgraded to 'New Webmail' from 'Old Webmail'. This will allow for greater storage space for your emails (form 5Mb to 5Gb). It will also give you more advanced email features, such as mail forwarding and filtering, etc.


If you'd like to take a look at eircom's New Webmail, please see the website below:


If you need further technical assistance with your eircom email, you can also call Technical Support :


Technical Support : 1890 260260 (locall); Hours : 08:00 - 22:00 (7 days).


Let me know if you need further help with your email.


Best wishes,





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Re: Eircom pop3 server

[ Edited ]

Thank you Anthony, my pop3 now works fine. It was not the fault of the second email device though as Outlook on my pc could not log onto However now that it is working I do not care what was wrong. Thank you for the enhanced webmail, That will be great for when I am away from home as the old webmail was very restricted. Brian

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Re: Eircom pop3 server

Hi Brian,


Glad to hear Ant resolved your issue. If there is anything else we can help you with let us know,


Kind regards,



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