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Phoneline Upgrade?

Hello, I'm a long time eircom customer. I've been waiting for a phoneline upgrade so I can get better download/Upload speeds. I rang eircom multiple times but get the same answer everytime. "Oh, You have to wait till we upgrade your whole areas phonelines" My question is when will this be? I've been waiting two long years already. This is getting a little ridiculas now. I'm honestly considering canceling my contract for a better internet provider if I have to wait much longer. Can I get some sort of assistance here or will I be kept waiting another two years? Thanks in advance

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Re: Phoneline Upgrade?

Hi xXRambo,
I appreciate you have been looking to get some measure of improvement on your line / network in order to try and get higher broadband speeds. However at the moment given the distance of your address (area) from the Tallaght exchange. The best speed available is "up to 2MB".
I know you have probably been advised of the above a number of times, I have been speaking to our networks team and they advised that in regards to the work needed to increase the speed in that area .. It would require a new exchange built closer to the area or the installation of fibre to the area from the existing exchange.
I spoke to the fibre team and they advised at the moment they are in phase 2 in the process of roll-out. However your area is not part of that phase as such there is no indication as to when or if fibre may be an option in the future.
Unfortunately that is also the case in relation to any copper line or exchange improvements. The roll out of NGB to your area and nation-wide enabled eircom to improve the broadband service on the existing network on a national scale.
However the NGB is still subject to line distance or exchange limitations.  However at this time I can only advise what you have been told before there is no definitive time-frame or guarantees we can give you I'm afraid.
Thanks, Mark

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