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efiber & bridging routers

Hi there


First off I must say efiber is brill and the tec who put it in was very helpful.


On the old system my wifi signal up stairs is very poor so I put a 2nd router in as a bridge with the same name and password so no matter where you were in the house you always have full wifi.  The new router has a  better single but not every where so I wanted to know is what the best router to get or can I buy a 2nd efiber one so I get the same setup as I had. I used two eircom routers before but today I tried my old setup well it always connected to the one upstairs & not the efiber  one when i was down stairs. can you help.  


Thanks & allthebest


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Re: efiber & bridging routers

Hi Johnopyro


As we do not support bridging directly we can not advise on the best way to set up bridging as it can conflict with the recommended settings.


You can purchase a second efibre modem through 1800 503 303 (option 1)


Unfortunately as we can not give any instructions or guidelines as to how it may work or how best to set it up. It would have to be at your own discretion.


Thanks, Mark


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Re: efiber & bridging routers

Hi Mark

thanks for that info.
but after ringing that number and then Efiber sales at 1800303641 and then tec support you cant buy a second router from eircom or get one all they will sell is the plug in booster. which is not that good in my house as the wifi router. is there a manual for the efiber router on line some where so i can look at it and try get another router with the same settings/spec. i have the f1000. thanks again.

all the best