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eFibre, superfast fibre broadband, from eircom

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What is eFibre?

eFibre is Superfast Fibre Broadband from eircom and will be available from May 20th. To see when eFibre is coming to your area and to learn more visit   

How is eFibre different from uncongested broadband?
eFibre offers speeds of up to 70Mb which means that everyone in your home will have the power to connect, learn and play online all at the same time, at significantly faster speeds.

Connect - no more queuing for the Internet connection. Everyone in your home can stay online via PCs, smartphones, tablets or gaming consoles.


Learn - whether it’s watching a live stream of a lecture or practical demos on YouTube, eFibre unleashes the Internet’s endless ability to educate and inform.


Play - music and movie lovers can download in minutes and stream instantly, while superfast speeds help gamers take on the world in real time with better graphics and smoother play.